How Do Chakras Relate To Christianity


Chakras are an ancient belief system mostly associated with Hinduism, Buddhism, and various other Eastern religions. However, they also have links to Christianity, and there are Christian denominations that have incorporated chakra beliefs into their teachings. This article examines the links between chakras and Christianity and explores the potential for a holistic approach to spiritual healing.

What Are Chakras?

Chakras are centers of energy within the body that are thought to coincide with spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. The word “chakra” is derived from the Sanskrit word for “wheel” and refers to a series of spinning disks of energy throughout the body. They are typically depicted as flower-like blossoms that can be opened, closed, or balanced by various yoga postures and poses. Each chakra also has its own set of beliefs, emotions, and physical connections.

How Do Chakras Relate To Christianity?

Although chakras originated in Hinduism, Buddhism and other Eastern religions, there are some Christian denominations that have incorporated chakra beliefs into their teachings. This includes the Christian New Thought Movement, which draws on the teachings of Jesus and integrates them with spiritual healing practices. The movement believes that each person has seven major chakras and each one is related to a different emotion, belief, or need. For example, the root chakra is related to physical grounding and security, while the heart chakra is related to love and compassion.

Common Misconceptions

Despite its links to Christianity, many people still have misconceptions about chakra healing. For example, some believe that chakras are only related to physical health, while others perceive them as dark or evil forces that must be removed from Christian belief. However, these misconceptions are not based on scientific evidence, and the belief in healing through chakras is widely accepted in Christianity and many other spiritual belief systems.

Benefits Of Chakra Healing

Chakra healing has many benefits for believers, including emotional, mental, and physical healing. Studies have shown that chakra healing can improve sleep quality, manage stress levels, and reduce anxiety. Additionally, many people find that chakra healing helps them to cultivate more inner peace, mental clarity, and a sense of being more in tune with the divine.

Dispelling Myths and Negative Stereotypes

In order for chakras to become more widely accepted among Christian denominations, it is important to dispel the myths and negative stereotypes surrounding them. In particular, it is important to remind people that chakra healing is not associated with dark or occult forces, and that it has the potential to bring positive physical, mental, and spiritual healing to believers.

The Potential Of A Holistic Spiritual Healing Approach

There is huge potential for a holistic spiritual healing approach, which incorporates both Eastern and Western belief systems. This could include a combination of mindfulness practices, prayer, meditation and visualization, as well as chakra healing. Such an approach could provide healing on many levels, and could be of great benefit to both individual and collective spiritual health.

The Impact of Chakras on Religion

Different religions have diverasing perspectives on the influence of chakras. In Christianity, the broad perspective suggests that chakras can be seen as pathways for the grace of God to flow into a person’s life. Some believe that the chakras are a direct conduit to connecting with God, while others may see them as a way to understand the importance of being mindful of one’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions in order to experience a deeper spiritual connection.

Applying Chakra Healing to Everyday life

Chakra healing is not only beneficial for spiritual healing, but it can also be applied to everyday life. For example, chakra healing can be used to help manage personal or professional relationships, or to reduce stress or anxiety. Additionally, it can be applied to daily activities to help increase productivity and focus.


In conclusion, while chakras are mostly associated with Eastern religions, there are links to Christianity, and some denominations have become open to the concept of chakra healing. By understanding the potential of this holistic spiritual healing approach, the benefits can be widely experienced.

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