How To Convert Jehovah’s Witness To Christianity

Historical Background of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Jehovah’s Witnesses were founded in the United States in the late nineteenth century by Charles Taze Russell. Since then, they have grown to over 8.5 million people in 236 countries. According to the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, the group’s governing body, their beliefs are based on the Bible, placing them in the mainstream of tradition within Christianity. They believe that the Bible is the inspired, infallible and authoritative Word of God and that Jesus Christ is the savior of mankind. They also believe in a literal six-day creation, that there is no physical or spiritual afterlife and that salvation is found solely in loyalty to Jehovah and his Kingdom.

Understanding the Beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses

It is essential to understand the fundamental beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses before attempting to convert them. These beliefs include the rejection of blood transfusions, belief in the oneness of God, belief in Armageddon, the avoidance of holidays and public gatherings and the requirement of baptism for entry into the marriage bond. Furthermore, Jehovah’s Witnesses uphold several unique teachings that are not accepted by the mainstream Christian denominations. For example, they believe in the annihilation of the wicked, rather than their eternal conscious punishment. They also believe that a Christian’s soul sleeps until the Last Day and that the Holy Spirit is not a distinct being from the Father.

Recommended Approaches for Conversion

A respectful, compassionate and gentle approach is recommended when attempting to convert a Jehovah’s Witness. It is essential to avoid criticism of their beliefs while attempting to highlight their similarities to Christianity.
Bearing these objectives in mind, it is important to emphasize the importance of Jesus Christ as the path to salvation with reference to specific Bible passages. Note, however, that many of the mainline Protestant denominations hold different beliefs than the ones shared by Jehovah’s Witnesses, such as the doctrine of the Trinity and the concept of ultimate reward and punishment.
When appealing to the Witnesses’ faith in the Bible, it is important to point out the relevance of key phrases such as ‘in the name of the Lord’ and the importance of Christ’s death on the cross for salvation. It is also beneficial to emphasize the significance of Jesus’ words when He said, ‘my Kingdom is not of this world.’
It is also important to emphasize the positive aspects of traditional Christianity such as its outreach to non-believers, acceptance of human differences and its focus on speaking the truth in love for the benefit of all people.

Cultural Sensitivity and Conversion

When attempting to convert a Jehovah’s Witness, it is important to understand and respect the culture and traditions of the group. Jehovah’s Witnesses have a reputation for being very closed-minded to outside teachings and interpretations of the Bible, so it is essential to be patient and to allow the person to come to their own conclusions.
When communicating with a Jehovah’s Witness, it is important to use terminology and language that is familiar to them. Showing a genuine interest and respect for their beliefs and customs can be beneficial in overcoming their hesitation to learning about new teachings.
Additionally, pointing out social injustices and highlighting the discrepancy between the scriptures and worldly values can be beneficial in appealing to a Jehovah’s Witness. Engaging in conversations that emphasize the importance of living a life of holiness in order to withstand the spiritual pressures of the world is also beneficial.

What to Avoid During Conversations

Certain topics are best avoided when conversing with a Jehovah’s Witness in order to ensure that their initial impression of Christianity is positive. It is essential to avoid debates on doctrinal issues and keeping conversations focused on the common ground between Christianity and Jehovah’s Witness beliefs. In order to avoid the risk of appearing to criticize or belittle their beliefs, it is best to resist the urge to debate scripture.
It is also important to avoid appearing judgmental or critical of their lifestyle. While it is important to point out the value and beauty of traditional Christianity, it is not necessary to compare their lifestyle to Christianity. Additionally, it is also best to avoid discussions about holidays and public gatherings that the Witnesses typically avoid in order to maintain a respectful environment.

Organizations That Provide Support

There are numerous organizations that provide support and counseling for those who are attempting to convert from Jehovah’s Witness to Christianity. These organizations provide educational materials, Bible study resources, and pastoral counseling as well as spiritual guidance. With the help of these organizations, individuals can learn more about key biblical principles while receiving emotional and spiritual support.
Organizations such as Light of Knowledge, The Bible Ledger, and Freedom Network offer resources designed to help individuals to transition from Jehovah’s Witnesses to Christianity. These organizations are typically staffed with seasoned Christian professionals who are familiar with the beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses and can provide guidance and support during the conversion process.

Utilizing Technology in Conversion Efforts

The internet has opened up new opportunities for reaching Jehovah’s Witnesses with the gospel. Many websites, such as, provide comprehensive lists of Bible verses and interpretations that appeal to Jehovah’s Witnesses.
Additionally, there are a number of websites that specialize in providing resources for those who are attempting to convert from Jehovah’s Witness to Christianity. These sites provide information about biblical topics, historical contexts, and the implications of various biblical passages for those coming from a Jehovah’s Witness background.
Mobile apps have also emerged as a relatively new form of outreach. Many apps are now available that provide daily Bible readings, sermon recordings, interactive Bible studies, and prayer journals for those on the go. These apps offer a convenient and affordable way to stay on track with prayer and Bible study while travelling.

Utilizing One-on-One Contacts

It is important to remember that spiritual growth is a personal journey and must be taken on an individual basis. One of the most effective ways to reach a Jehovah’s Witness is through one-on-one contact such as personal visits with a well-prepared Christian witness.
Approaching the topic with respect, understanding and patience is critical to meeting with success. Through one-on-one contact, a Christian may be able to better understand the individual’s doubts and struggles, give personal attention and support, and lead the person towards an understanding of Christ.

Outreach to the Entire Congregation

Organizing public meetings is an effective way reach an entire congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Many Christian ministries have had success in holding meetings that feature testimonies from converts, lectures from pastors, Bible readings, and sermonettes. These meetings create an open and friendly atmosphere for all and can help spread the Christian message to a wider audience.
Another approach is to distribute Christian literature and materials directly to the congregation. Distribution of books, fliers, pamphlets and even invitations to Christian events can create opportunities for individuals to encounter the gospel in an efficient and effective manner.

Time and Patience

Despite attempts to introduce Jehovah’s Witnesses to Christianity, conversion is often a slow process that involves a lot of prayer, patience and diligence. Successful conversion to Christianity may be considered a long-term, multi-faceted project that must include knowledgeable individuals who are committed to seeing it through.
We must remember, however, that despite all of the tactics and strategies that we may employ, only the power of the Holy Spirit can soften the hearts of those we seek to evangelize. Pray for the spiritual health and growth of the one you are trying to convert and trust that God will work in His own perfect time and in His own perfect way.

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