Is Catholicism And Christianity The Same

Catholicism: An Overview

Catholics constitute the largest religious denomination in the world, with sprawling churches and an expansive number of followers. In more straightforward terms, Catholicism is the major branch of Christianity. Moreover, it is the oldest Christian church which is the spiritual force of the Roman Catholic Church.
Before we dive into the depths of whether Catholicism and Christianity are the same, during the first half of the 2nd century, Catholic Christianity emerged from the same roots of Jewish faith. This is one of the many similar characteristics that Catholicism shares with Christianity. Primarily, both faiths emphasize on the teachings of Jesus and revere the Bible as the literal word of God. Secondly, their core beliefs involve God being the father of the human race, and Jesus being the son of God.

Is Catholicism And Christianity The Same?

The BIG question is, is Catholicism and Christianity the same? You will find that there are subtle differences between the two when you look at the doctrinal aspects, rituals and ceremonies of each faith. Let’s take a look at some of these differences.
At its very core, Catholicism priorities the Pope and the Magisterium as the ultimate religious authority. The faithful must accept and follow the doctrinal teachings of the church’s bishops and spiritual leaders. On the other hand, the beliefs of Christianity come from the Bible. This faith gives its followers the freedom to make their own interpretation of the bible and doesn’t place restrictions on their religious beliefs like Catholicism.
Also, converts to Catholicism are baptized by full immersion in water. Whereas, in Christianity, it is typical for only a small amount of water to be sprinkled on a person’s forehead during the baptism ceremony. Moreover, Sacraments like Communion and Confession are important rituals in Catholicism but are not as integral in Christianity.

Role Of Priesthood

Another factor to keep in mind when trying to distinguish the two is the role of priesthood. In Catholicism, priests are trained for the exclusive purpose of administering sacraments, hearing confessions and giving spiritual direction. But in Christianity there is no requirement for a formal religious training before becoming a part of the clergy.

Perception Of Salvation

Finally, the two faiths have different ideas when it comes to the notion of salvation. Catholicism emphasizes that a person must do good deeds in order to earn a place in heaven, while Christianity believes only faith and repentance can save a person and lead to eternal life.

Sacred Texts

When you compare the two religions, the most significant difference is in the way they use religious texts. Catholics read and believe in the Bible, the Catechism and the specific teachings of the church. In Christianity, believers use only the bible as their guide to practice the religion.
The similarities between the two faiths include their reverence for Jesus and the belief in Father, Son and Holy Spirit. However, the differences extending from this common source are numerous and should not be overlooked.

Worship Style

Catholics and Christians differ significantly in the way in which they worship and practice the religion. Mass services are held in Catholic churches, with specific rules and regulations regarding punctuality and dress code, whereas there is more freedom to explore individual style of worship in Christian churches.
Along with this, the nature of the churches are also vastly different. For instance, Catholic church attendees must practice reconciliation and abstain from any activities that involve drinking and partying. On the other hand, churches, who are part of the Christianity denomination, will even provide refreshments like juice, pizza and donuts after the services.

Holy Days Of Obligation

Attending Sunday services is mandatory for Catholics, and if they are unable to make it, they must do special penance. But this ‘Holy Day of Obligation’ does not apply to Christians and its members can practice their religious beliefs in any capacity according to their availability. Furthermore, attending prayers on Good Friday or Easter Sunday are some of the other practices which are strictly followed in Catholicism but not necessarily in Christianity.

Pope’s Authority

The Pope, the Bishop of Rome and the head of the Catholic Church, is considered infallible on matters of faith and morals. This is not the case for Christians, who regard the human condition as fallible and the bible as their primary source of authority.


To summarize, Catholicism and Christianity are two branches of the same religion and might have similar ideas as well as different teachings. In some cases, they have the same goals and in some, they differ. In any case, knowing the core differences between the two will help one to have a clearer understanding of each faith and also to be able to differentiate between the two with ease.

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