Is Christianity Today A Good Magazine

Is Christianity Today A Good Magazine?

Christianity Today is an international magazine devoted to both current affairs and theological issues facing the Christian church. Founded in 1956 by Billy Graham, the magazine has remained popular with many denominations throughout its lifespan, and is currently published in twenty languages. But what makes Christianity Today so special? Is it worth spending time and money on the magazine?

The magazine does an excellent job at keeping readers up to date with news from around the world, with articles on everything from international politics to local church events. The editors also make sure to keep a broad scope, displaying a variety of opinions and perspectives on any given issue. This allows for more educated and informed discussion with readers, who are encouraged to talk about their thoughts on the topic.

Christianity Today also provides specific spiritual guidance, unlike many other mainstream magazines. With thousands of columnists and contributors, readers can gain wisdom on any number of topics. Whether it is a piece examining faith through the lens of science, or a first-hand account of a pastor’s experience with ministry, there is something in the magazine for any faith-focused reader.

The magazine also provides a platform for a variety of authors, including emerging writers and thought leaders, who are committed to walking a spiritual path. By engaging contributors on a wide spectrum of topics, Biblical practices to present-day affairs, readers gain real-world insight on faith-centered challenges. These unique stories help to paint an accessible narrative for the reader, illustrating how Christianity is still very much alive despite changing cultural climates.

Aesthetically speaking, the magazine is also a pleasure to read. From the beautiful covers and captivating articles, to the vivid colors and textured fonts, there is something for every type of reader. Of course, the layout of the magazine also aids with its readability, with stories divided into easy-to-follow sections, allowing readers to quickly navigate to their preferred topic.

In addition to all these great features, Christianity Today understands how to effectively market itself. The magazine is available in a wide variety of formats, including print, digital, and even audio versions, so that it can be enjoyed by even the most tech-savvy customer. Due to this accessibility, the magazine continues to remain a powerful source of news, advice, and inspiration within the Christian community.


Christianity Today goes beyond relying solely on print circulation. The magazine also has a strong web presence and an active social media profile, particularly on Twitter and Facebook. This allows for real time updates from around the country, giving readers access to the latest news and views from their favorite authors.

Not only does this make the magazine more accessible, but it also creates opportunities for more in-depth conversations. For instance, readers now have the chance to interact with experts directly, through discussion forums, webinars and Q&A sessions. On top of this, the magazine often organizes special events, such as conferences and seminars, providing an invaluable platform for Christian spiritual discourse.

The magazine additionally offers a wide range of resources which readers can take advantage of when discerning. These include book reviews, commentaries, and other thought-provoking articles which help equip readers with the knowledge and insight they need to make informed decisions.

Overall, then, Christianity Today is an invaluable tool for readers seeking spiritual support and growth. In catering to such a broad audience, by providing both news and guidance, the magazinedemonstrates how faith is still a relevant force in today’s culture.


The price of Christianity Today is an issue that has caused some degree of debate. Considering its expansive market, the magazine can be considered expensive when compared to other faith related publications. It costs around fifty dollars for a yearly subscription in digital format, which some have pointed out is steep for a magazine.

However, there are many reasons why the magazine’s cost is justified. Not only is there the print, digital and audio formats, but subscription also grants readers access to the extensive library of books, editorials and resources on offer. Additionally, the magazine offers huge discounts when buying several copies, making it far more affordable for those who need more than one copy.

On top of this, the magazine offers exclusive discounts for members of its ‘Friends’ program. Those interested can sign up to the annual membership and enjoy discounted rates on all their purchases from the magazine. This is an incredibly helpful policy for readers who are on a budget.


Christianity Today has a fascinating history. Founded by renowned evangelist Billy Graham in 1956, the magazine was initially known as the “Fellowship” and featured a variety of articles, commentaries and testimonies related to Christian spirituality. With advancement in technology, the magazine gradually changed its name to Christianity Today and began to focus more on current affairs and theological matters.

The magazine also remains true to Graham’s vision of spreading the message of faith throughout the world. Since its inception, it has been published in multiple languages, including Spanish, Chinese and Korean, and it continues to maintain a global readership. On top of this, it actively aims to impact both Christians and non-Christians, through its various outreach programs and initiatives.


Christianity Today strives to appeal to all types of believers, from atheists and fundamentalists, to those who identify with more progressive denominations. It further attempts to reconcile some of the most controversial issues facing the Church, such as racism and LGBT rights. The magazine firmly believes that everyone is important in the eyes of God, and it strives to create a platform which can bring about meaningful dialogue between different belief systems.

In short, then, Christianity Today is a great resource for readers interested in staying informed on Christian related news and spiritual matters. Despite the higher price tag, its affordable subscription packages, extensive resources and commitment to showcasing a variety of viewpoints all make the magazine extremely valuable.


The people behind the magazine are no less impressive. Christianity Today has a dedicated editorial board and a long list of external contributors. This team works tirelessly to create engaging and illuminating articles, which often challenge a reader’s preconceived beliefs. As a result, the magazine contains a wealth of knowledge, allowing readers to gain insight into the many facets of Christian faith.

At the same time, the magazine has never shied away from controversy. From tackling issues such as church divisions to discussing ethical questions concerning abortion, the Christianity Today editorial staff is not afraid to open up honest and possibly difficult conversations. This is a crucial part of recognizing the many and varying voices within Christianity, as well as fostering a more unified Church.

The magazine also has a unique approach to tackling issues. The editorial team strives to present opinions from experts ranging from theologians to pastors, adding vivid descriptions and personal anecdotes to the mix. This ensures that readers have all the necessary information to form their own views from the magazine.


In conclusion, it is clear that Christianity Today is an invaluable asset to any Christian. With its global reach, innovative content and wide selection of resources, the magazine remains a trusted source of information and spiritual counsel. From news and theological guidance, to editorials and special events, the magazine is a vital tool for both the experienced and novice believer, helping them to explore and understand the complexities of Christian faith.

Jennifer Johnson is an experienced author with a deep passion for exploring the spiritual traditions of different cultures and religions. She has been writing about religion and spirituality for the past ten years in both print and digital platforms, engaging readers in meaningful dialogue about the soul's journey through this life. With degrees in Comparative Religion and English Literature, she brings an insightful perspective to her work that bridges the gap between traditional knowledge and modern theories. A lifelong traveler, Jenn has lived in multiple countries exploring various paths to understanding faith, and her dedication to learning new things is palpable in every piece she creates.

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