Is Making Out A Sin In Christianity

Definition of Making-Out

Making out is a term used to describe different levels of physical intimacy between two people, whether they are of the same gender, opposite gender, or members of the same sex. Generally, it refers to kissing and can include body contact ranging from hugs to holding hands to sexual activity, including oral, manual and digital stimulation. People define for what is and isn’t acceptable for them but, as with all intimate behaviours, how far people go and feel comfortable is personal.

Experience from Church Leaders

For Christians, making out can be considered a sin depending on its context and execution. This idea is often emphasized in churches, Christian literature, and Christian communities, as well as within their families. Church leaders may discourage this type of behaviour and encourage people to wait until marriage. It’s important to note, however, that there is no one definition of what ‘making out’ looks like in Bible-based churches, as different denominations might have different beliefs and standards.

Biblical Perspective

When it comes to the Bible, it is important to consider any context that is relevant to the situation in order to truly understand what is being said. What the Bible does directly say about sexual activity speaks to any type of premarital sexual relations as sinful. In Leviticus 18:6-23 and 20:17, the verses speak to premarital sex and adultery as sinful, while in Matthew 5:28, Jesus speaks to looking at another person with lust as being a violation. Additionally, in Philippians 4: 8-9, Paul encourages followers of Christ to meditate on what is true and noble, which could be argued as a call for followers to be mindful of their actions and behaviors. From a biblical perspective, it can be argued that any physical activity that leads to a sexual arousal before marriage could be viewed as a sin.

Theological Answer

The answer to whether making out is a sin in Christianity is ultimately up to the individual that is participating. Every person has different beliefs and standards when it comes to intimacy, so it’s up to each person to determine their own level of comfort. It is important to keep in mind, however, that physical activity that leads to sexual arousal or crosses the line of another’s comfort level is regarded as a sin in Christianity.

Effect of Religion on Intimate Behaviours

Religion can play a huge role in how some people interpret intimate behaviour and make decisions when it comes to physical intimacy in relationships. It can affect how people view physical activity as it relates to their relationship with God. Some may be more conservative in their beliefs due to religion while others might be more liberal. It’s important that individuals take into consideration their own evolutionary beliefs and standards when making decisions about levels of physical intimacy.

The Role of Love in Intimacy

Love and intimacy often go hand in hand. It is important to understand and cultivate a loving, caring relationship in order to safely explore physical and sexual intimacy. Establishing trust and communication are key, and making sure that no one feels uncomfortable is essential. Intimacy that is motivated by love and mutual respect is often regarded as less of a sin than physical activity that is based in lust, or an act of aggression.


Making out is a term that can refer to different levels of physical intimacy between two people, and the answer to whether it is considered a sin or not in Christianity is ultimately up to the individual. It is important to take into account biblical story lines, as well as personal beliefs when it comes to making decisions about physical activities. Additionally, couples should make sure that communication, trust and love are central to physical relationships in order to keep everyone safe and comfortable.

Other Factors to Consider

The opinion of those around us can be a powerful factor in determining whether making out is a sin or not. In a religious setting and community, it is important to take into consideration the expectations and standards of others. What is seen as appropriate to outsiders may be a sin to those in the same religious setting, so it’s important to be mindful and respectful of the views of those around.

The Impact of Technology

The impact of technology on intimate relationships should also be considered when determining what is and isn’t acceptable. With the constant presence of visual media in our lives, it is important to pay attention to what we are exposed to and what we are joining in with. Technology has made it easier for couples to explore physical activities that may not be considered appropriate, so it is important that caution is taken and boundaries are set.

The Role of Consent

No matter what the context or the cultural and religious beliefs, it is important to always ensure that all individuals are comfortable with the level of physical and sexual intimacy that is being experienced. It is essential that consent is given and that the activities that are being experienced are wanted and enjoyed by all parties involved.

The Influence on Social Norms

Social norms play a significant role when determining the acceptability of physical activity. What might be considered a sin in one social setting may be completely accepted in another, so it is important to consider the impact of our culture and society when it comes to intimate behaviours.

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