What Came First Christianity Or Judaism

When it comes to the question of which came first, Christianity or Judaism, the answer can be complicated. The two religions have many similarities and some differences, which can make it difficult to say definitively which religion was born first. One thing that is certain, though, is that both Christianity and Judaism are ancient religions that have profoundly influenced the world for thousands of years.

The histories of both religions reveal some clues about which might have been around first. According to some theologians, Christianity developed from Judaism. It is widely accepted among scholars and historians that the first Christians were all Jews. This is evidenced by Jesus’ own teachings, which are very closely inspired by traditional Jewish beliefs.

In contrast, some religious scholars argue that Christianity and Judaism were born in different forms. This is because, at the very least, Christianity is significantly different from Judaism in terms of its understanding of God and salvation. Christianity also focuses on the teachings of Jesus and the idea of being “born again,” while Judaism traditionally has adhered to the Tanakh and the Oral Torah.

No matter which source you look to, one prevailing point of view is that Christianity developed directly from Judaism. This is usually attributed to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, which were influential enough to create a separate religious tradition. This view is strengthened by the fact that the New Testament was written in Greek, rather than Hebrew, and it stands in stark contrast to the traditional Jewish scriptures, which are still written in Hebrew.

In terms of timing, it is impossible to know for sure which religion came first. But, it is widely accepted that both Christianity and Judaism began some time between the first century BCE and the first century CE. During this time, both religions developed alongside each other, and their influence and influence on the world only grew from there.

Regardless of which religion came first, it is clear that both Christianity and Judaism have had a deep and lasting impact on the world. Both religions provide valuable insights into the human experience and offer spiritual guidance to those who choose to follow them. Ultimately, the question of which came first Christianity or Judaism should not be considered as a competition, but rather as two distinct religious traditions that have both shaped the world in powerful ways.

The Origins of Christianity and Judaism

The answer to the question of which religion came first often depends on which historical source you look to. According to many theologians and scholars, Christianity can be traced back to Abraham, who is considered to be the father of Judaism. This means that Abraham was likely the source of both Christianity and Judaism.

In the Christian tradition, Jesus is seen as the person who brought the new religion to life. He was part of an ancient Jewish sect that lived in the Middle East, and His teachings were deeply rooted in Jewish tradition. He taught about the nature of God, salvation, and the Kingdom of Heaven, and His followers saw Him as a revolutionary leader capable of changing the world. Over time, Jesus’ teachings evolved into a new religion, Christianity.

In the Jewish tradition, the faith began with the writings of the Torah and the Tanakh, which are believed to be divinely inspired by God. The Tanakh is a collection of books written by ancient Israelites and is one of the primary foundations of Judaism. It contains the laws and tenets of Jewish faith and culture and was passed down through generations.

Historic sources, including the New Testament, provide us with insight into the development of Christianity and Judaism. While these sources cannot answer definitively which religion came first, many scholars agree that Christianity is likely a direct descendant of Judaism, with some of its early doctrines and practices inspired by older Jewish traditions.

The Differences Between Christianity and Judaism

The differences between Christianity and Judaism are vast and far-reaching. While Christianity has its roots in Judaism, the two religions have many different beliefs and teachings. Most notably, Christianity has a strong belief in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and savior of the world, while Judaism does not.

Christianity emphasizes faith in Jesus as well as the concept of spiritual rebirth and salvation through His teachings. In contrast, Judaism places greater emphasis on the law of God, following the commandments of the Torah, and living a life of piety and holiness. Christianity also focuses more on individual spiritual growth, while Judaism holds communal worship and observance in higher esteem.

In addition, Christianity and Judaism have different attitudes towards certain parts of the Bible. Christianity traditionally believes the Bible is complete and infallible, while Judaism considers certain parts of the Bible to be complete and others to be either incomplete or open to interpretation. In terms of worship and doctrine, Christianity typically relies on organized liturgy and ritual, while Judaism focuses on the interpretation of the scriptures and emphasizes contemplation and study over formal ritual.

These differences extend to other areas as well, including elements of theology and fundamental practices. While Christianity is a monotheistic religion, Judaism traditionally teaches that all people are children of God. Additionally, Christianity subscribes to the concept of original sin, while Judaism does not. Finally, Christianity is a proselytizing and missionary religion, while Judaism only actively seeks new members in times of persecution.

The Impact of Christianity and Judaism

Regardless of which came first, Christianity and Judaism have both had a profound and lasting impact on the world. Both religions offer insights into the human experience, provide spiritual guidance, and offer different paths to salvation. Christianity and Judaism are also both actively practiced today, with billions of people around the world who identify as followers of either religion.

The two religions have also had a major influence on the world’s cultures, philosophies, and governments. Many world leaders have been inspired by the teachings of one or both of these religions, and many countries have been greatly shaped by them as well. In addition, some of the world’s greatest works of art, literature, and music have been inspired by or based on the beliefs and traditions of Christianity and Judaism.

In short, Christianity and Judaism have both had a significant and far-reaching impact on the world, even if it’s impossible to say which religion came first. Both provide valuable spiritual guidance and have had a powerful impact on the civilizations of the world. While it may be difficult to answer which came first Christianity or Judaism, it is clear that both have had a deep and lasting impact on the world.

Persecution of Christianity and Judaism

Throughout history, both Christianity and Judaism have been persecuted in various parts of the world. Christians have been persecuted since the days of the early church, and this persecution continues in many parts of the world today. Similarly, Jews have faced centuries of persecution and it continues today in the form of anti-Semitism in many parts of the world.

Both religions have sought to defend their faith and to protect their rights as individuals and as communities throughout history. Despite the persecution, both religions have managed to survive and even to thrive despite the obstacles they have had to overcome. This is a testament to the resilience and strength of both Christianity and Judaism.

In recent years, both Christianity and Judaism have seen a resurgence in many parts of the world. This has been a result of a renewed interest in these ancient faiths and their values, as well as a reaffirmation of their rights as protected religious minorities. With this resurgence, both Christianity and Judaism have the opportunity to continue to be an important part of the world and to share their teachings and beliefs with others.

Influence of Christianity and Judaism on Modern Culture

Today, Christianity and Judaism are still major influences on modern culture. From literature and music to art and architecture, both religions have had a profound impact on the world. Christianity and Judaism have also been major influences on the world’s philosophies and governments, with many leaders and countries built on the teachings of either religion.

The influence of Christianity and Judaism can also be seen in popular culture. From movies and television shows to music, video games, and more, the philosophies and beliefs of both religions have had an impact. This can be seen in the way that various characters and stories are presented, and the lessons that they impart to their viewers.

Overall, Christianity and Judaism have both had an undeniable influence on the world in which we live. From the creation of new religions and philosophies to the continued inspiration of popular culture, it’s clear that both of these ancient faith traditions are still relevant and important today.


The question of which came first Christianity or Judaism is one that cannot be answered definitively. However, what is clear is that both religions have had a profound and lasting impact on the world. From influencing governments and philosophies to inspiring art and literature, Christianity and Judaism have both had a profound influence on the world and continue to do so today.

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