What Is The Name Of The Judaism Symbol

The Star of David is a universally recognized symbol of the Jewish faith. It is often referred to as the Jewish Star, the Shield of David, the Magen Davied and the Hexagram. The Star of David shapes and details have varied over time and sometimes it is portrayed with seven arms instead of six. It is universally accepted that the symbolism behind this emblem is strong and long standing, but the origin of the star is lost in the mists of time.

Biblical Origins

The term Star of David appears several times in the Bible, starting from King Solomon’s temple times in which it is described as a patterned floor mosaic. The term is also used frequently to refer to the shape of the shields of many warriors fighting on the side of King David, including David’s son Jonathan. This may be the origin behind the name of the symbol, being an emblem of bravery and strength.


The Star of David is highly associated with Kabbalism. Kabbalism is an esoteric school of Jewish mysticism which was rampant in the Middle Ages and remain popular today. In Kabbalah, the six points of the Star of David correspond to the six directions of the universe, signifying equilibration and spiritual strength. The two triangles represent God’s involvement in physicality, touching the material and spiritual realms simultaneously. Accordingly, the star symbolizes both divine protection and spirituality.

Jewish symbolism

In modern days, the Star of David is a symbol of solidarity amongst Jews and a representation of their faith. The symbol has also been adopted by some Jewish communities as a sign of modern Israel, due to its spiritual roots and connections to Kabbalah. It is said that the star also bears several universal meanings, such as the significance of interconnectivity and the embodiment of sacredness. Additionally, the star’s everlasting beauty serves as a reminder of the important role of Jews in the world and its culture.

Contemporary uses

The Star of David has been used around the world for a variety of different purposes. It has been employed in religious ceremonies, for its spiritual connotations, as well as in artwork, jewelry, flags, and many other symbols. It is also invoked as a reflection of religious and cultural identity amongst Jews, as a representation of their faith and history.

Significance of the Star of David

The symbolism of the Star of David is significant and unique, with religious, cultural and spiritual connotations attached to it. It stands as a reminder of the difficulties that Jews have been through in the past, while providing a reassuring source of strength and hope. The star can also represent the connection between the physical and spiritual realms, as well as equilibration and universal direction.


The Star of David symbol is a universally recognized symbol of Jewish faith, with deep rooted and long standing religious, cultural and spiritual significance. As a mark of solidarity, a representation of faith and an embodiment of divine protection and love, the Star of David will continue to be a powerful and meaningful symbol for the generations to come.

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