Why Is Hinduism Growing In Australia

Increased Migration

Hinduism is growing in Australia, with more than one million Hindus living in the country according to the 2016 census. One of the most important reasons behind the growth of Hinduism in Australia is the increased migration from South Asia. Over the past decade, Australia has seen an increase in the number of people from South Asian countries such as India, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka migrating to Australia. These migrants often bring with them their own values, traditions, and beliefs, which include Hinduism.
In addition, Hindu migrants in Australia come from a variety of linguistic and cultural backgrounds, making the spread of Hinduism in the country more diverse. This diversity is reflected in temples and other places of worship, which often provide services and activities in various languages. The Hindu faith is also growing in Australia through the increased availability of teachings and literature on Hinduism, as well as the increasing variety of Hindu festivals celebrated across the country.


Another important factor that is helping to increase the spread of Hinduism in Australia is education. While education is not a priority for all Hindus, there has been an increase in the number of people who are interested in learning about the religion and its core values. This has led to an emergence of Hindu educational institutions in major Australian cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. These institutions promote the Hindu culture through classes, books and lectures. In addition, students can take part in a variety of activities and events which advance knowledge about Hinduism.
Furthermore, religions classes in public and private schools have helped to raise awareness of some of the key beliefs and practices of Hinduism. This has fostered more acceptance and understanding of the religion among the broader community.

Media Coverage

The influence of the media is also an important factor in the growth of Hinduism in Australia. The media has played a key role in raising awareness of the religion, as well as in promoting religious events such as Diwali and Holi. Media outlets such as radio and television have been instrumental in providing news and information about Hinduism, as well as highlighting stories of success and achievement within the Hindu community.
At the same time, the media has been criticised for its negative portrayal of Hindus, particularly in relation to racial issues. This has harmed the perception of Hinduism in some quarters, particularly among those who are unfamiliar with the religion. Despite this, the overall impact of the media has been largely positive in spreading knowledge and understanding of Hinduism in Australia.

Political Engagement

Political engagement has also been an important factor in the growth of Hinduism in Australia. The Hindu community has become increasingly vocal in the political sphere and is advocating for broader recognition of the religion, as well as for greater visibility in the public sphere. This has included campaigns for the recognition of Hindu holidays and the inclusion of Hindu teachings in public schools. These initiatives have been met with support from some sections of the Australian political establishment, which has helped to improve the perception of Hinduism in the broader community.

Business Growth and Investment

The growth of Hinduism in Australia has also been aided by the increased investment of Hindus in local businesses. This has created a new wave of Hindu entrepreneurs and business leaders who are helping to boost the economy and create new job opportunities. Furthermore, the growth of Hindu-owned businesses has created new opportunities for young Hindus to gain employment, as well as helping to create a positive image of Hinduism in mainstream society.

Social Mobility and Networks

Social mobility and the existence of large Hindu networks have also played an important role in helping to facilitate the growth of Hinduism in Australia. The Hindu community has well-established social networks based on extended family and kinship ties, which often extend beyond the local area. These networks have helped to create a feeling of community and purpose, as well as providing valuable support and assistance in times of need. This has helped foster a sense of identity and pride in being Hindu.
At the same time, the mobility of Hindus in Australia has allowed for the sharing of knowledge and the spread of Hindu beliefs. This has helped create a larger, more informed, and more connected Hindu community in the country.

Government Incentives

Finally, the Australian government has provided various incentives that have helped to increase the spread of Hinduism in the country. This includes the provision of funding for Hindu temples and organisations, as well as the granting of tax breaks in relation to Hindu religious activities and events. This has provided much-needed financial support to the Hindu community, enabling the growth and expansion of Hindu-related endeavours.
Overall, the combination of increased migration, education, media coverage, political engagement, business growth and investment, social mobility and networks, and government incentives has been instrumental in facilitating the growth of Hinduism in Australia. This continued growth is of great benefit to the country’s economy, as well as providing a platform for the further advancement of Hindu culture in an increasingly multicultural nation.

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