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Theology of Christianity

Christianity is a religion which centers around a belief in the Divine Creator, and the teachings of Jesus Christ. At its core, Christianity is a set of beliefs about the relationship between God and humanity, the human’s place in the universe, and the way the human should live their life in the here and now. Christianity is a wide and complex tradition, with many different interpretations and beliefs, and it is useful to have an understanding of the theological underpinnings of Christianity before looking at a practical view of the religion.
Christian theology is typically divided into the nature of God and the other characteristics of the triune God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – and the relationship between them. In discussing the nature of God, Christian theologians focus on God’s eternity, as well as His holiness, power, and mercy. God’s eternity and holiness speak to His unfailing love, faithfulness, and justice, while His power and mercy speak to His love for all humanity and His desire for humanity to be redeemed to Him.
Another aspect of Christian theology that is often discussed is the doctrine of the Trinity, which is the belief in one God in three persons. This doctrine teaches that God is one, yet three distinct persons – the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – who exist in perfect harmony, each person of the Trinity working in perfect unity with one another. In other words, the doctrine of the Trinity states that all aspects of God are possessed by each person of the Trinity.
It is also important to understand the concept of the incarnation. The doctrine of the incarnation states that Jesus Christ was God in the flesh, fully divine, and fully human at the same time. This means that Jesus was both divine and human, living a perfect life and taking on the full weight of our sins upon Himself to redeem us to God. In the Incarnation, Jesus bridged the gap between humanity and God, providing an example for how we should live our lives and offering a path of redemption for all.

A Practical View of Christianity

A practical view of Christianity is one that looks at how Christianity is lived out in everyday life. While the theological foundations of Christianity provide the framework for what it means to be a Christian, it is in the practical application of these beliefs that a person truly experiences their faith.
The most basic element of a practical view of Christianity is the love of God and neighbor. This commandment, found in both the Old and New Testaments, is the cornerstone of what it means to be a Christian, as it is only through loving God first and others second that we can truly understand His will. This is expressed through acts of self-sacrifice, kindness, and patience towards others, as well as other acts of service and mercy.
Another element of a practical view of Christianity is a recognition of the importance of Scripture and prayer in a person’s life. In recognizing the importance of Scripture, we come to understand the beauty and truth of the Bible, and how it serves as a guide for life. In prayer, we seek to draw closer to God and seek the wisdom, insight, and comfort that only He can provide.
Finally, the most important part of a practical view of Christianity is our commitment to living out our faith in our day-to-day lives. This is expressed through acts of service and loving others, but also through our attitudes and our habits. We should strive to be Christ-like in all that we do, living in a way that reflects the character of God and bringing Him glory in our words and actions.


A Practical View of Christianity is a PDF book published by the author, Rev. Dr. Jenney Noreene. This book provides an exploration into Christian faith from a practical perspective, which is why it is a great read for all Christians. It focuses on topics such as understanding the Triune God, the importance of prayer, and how to express one’s faith practically in the world. This book is sure to be an enlightening and inspiring experience, giving readers new insight into the practical side of Christianity.
Dr. Noreene also provides an online course and study guides for those who want to learn about Christian faith and practice in more detail. She speaks to a wide range of audiences, with topics ranging from fundamentals of Christianity to more complex theological topics. Her approach is unique in that she incorporates philosophical, scientific, and historical perspectives into her talks.

Social Media Platforms

In addition to writing books and giving talks, Dr. Noreene also has a presence on several social media platforms. Her Facebook page features daily devotions, important reflections on faith, and even “Ask the Reverend” sections where she answers questions about living out the Christian faith. She also has a YouTube channel, which features her talks on Christian living, as well as her online courses.
Dr. Noreene’s Twitter account provides another outlet for her to share her thoughts on Christian living, as well as providing snippets from her talks and other encouraging thoughts. The ‘# PracticalChristianity’ hashtag is a great way to keep up with all of her current posts.


In addition to publishing books and teaching courses, Dr. Noreene also has a ministry. Through the ministry, Dr. Noreene provides support, counsel, and resources to those in need, as well as having special programs for youth and adults wanting to explore Christian faith. The ministry also hosts retreats and seminars for individuals, families and groups, as well as providing resources for following Biblical principles in a modern context.
Dr. Noreene’s ministry also works with individuals and organizations to create programs and activities that promote Christian values in a practical way. This includes partnering with schools, hospitals, prisons, homeless shelters, and other places where people are in need of help and support. Dr. Noreene also visits churches and other organizations, speaking about the importance of living a practical life of faith and building our lives upon a solid foundation of biblical principles.


Dr. Jenney Noreene’s A Practical View of Christianity PDF provides an essential look at Christianity from a practical perspective. It outlines the theological foundations of Christianity and looks at how to apply these beliefs in everyday life. In addition to the book, Dr. Noreene also has several social media platforms and a ministry, allowing her to reach a wider audience and provide resources to those seeking to explore and live out the Christian faith.

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