How To Cut Soul Ties Christianity

What Are Soul Ties?

Soul ties refer to relationships, emotional or physical, with another person that are so strong, that it is said to have a spiritual connection. It can involve either positive or negative relationships, such as a couple in a committed relationship, parent and child, or friends. In Christianity, many believe that soul ties can be created through prayer, when there is an emotional connection, or when a person shares intimate moments with another person.

How To Cut Soul Ties in Christianity

In Christianity, soul ties are usually seen as unhealthy or negative relationships, and often need to be broken in order to bring healing. Here are some ways to cut soul ties in Christianity:

  • Prayer: Prayer is an important part of Christian life, and when it comes to breaking soul ties, prayer can play an even more important role. Praying for protection and guidance is essential in removing soul ties from your life. A good prayer to use is: “Heavenly Father, I ask that you protect me from any negative relationships and soul ties. Help me to recognize and remove any unhealthy ties in my life. I pray for strength and guidance as I make changes to give me a healthy and balanced life”.
  • Redirect Your Focus: Redirecting your focus to your relationship with God is an essential part of cutting soul ties in Christianity. Rather than focusing on the people and relationships in your life, focus instead on pleasing God and connecting with Him. Spend time in prayer and studying the Bible, and invest your time and efforts into meaningful relationships with those who have a positive influence on your life. Surround yourself with people who will support and encourage you in making the changes you need to bring balance to your life.
  • Repentance : Repentance is the process of recognizing and admitting the wrongs you have done, and asking for forgiveness from God. Repentance is a key component of Christianity and is essential in breaking soul ties. In order to remove the spiritual ties that have been created due to wrongdoings, asking for forgiveness from God is a must. Asking for God’s forgiveness and guidance to remove any unhealthy relationships or soul ties is a great way to start the process of healing and peace of mind.
  • Forgiveness: In Christianity, forgiveness is an essential part of life. In order to move past any hurtful or unhealthy relationships, forgiveness is necessary. Forgiveness must come from both parties, if possible. Forgiving someone allows room in your heart for healing and can help to clear any spiritual bonds that may have been created by the relationship.

Spiritual Warfare

Sometimes, when cutting soul ties, spiritual warfare can come into play and it is important to be aware of the potential for this. Spiritual warfare is the spiritual battle between God and the demonic to maintain control of your spirit and soul. Spiritual warfare can manifest in many dangerous ways and it is best to be prepared if this is an issue in your life. The Bible states that any attempt to break demonically influenced soul ties must start with prayer; so it is important to stay connected with God through prayer and take time to recognize the spiritual warfare that may be happening.

Boundaries and Self-Care

Once the soul ties are broken, it is important to establish boundaries and practice self-care in order to protect yourself from any further spiritual connections. Setting boundaries and avoiding people or situations that could lead you down a negative path is essential to protect yourself from creating any more unhealthy soul ties. Additionally, practicing self-care is key to keeping yourself safe and healthy. Taking time for yourself to relax, reflect and reconnect with God is essential in order to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.


Lastly, having someone to be accountable to is a great way to keep yourself on track while cutting soul ties. Finding someone you trust to confide in, such as a pastor, mentor or trusted friend, is a great way to keep yourself accountable and make sure you are making the necessary changes to keep yourself protected from any previously unhealthy relationships.


Cutting soul ties in Christianity is a process that involves prayer, repentance, setting boundaries, self-care and accountability. Praying for protection and guidance is essential, as well as recognizing and admitting wrongdoings and asking for forgiveness from God. Additionally, establishing boundaries and practicing self-care, as well as having someone to be accountable to are all key components of cutting soul ties in Christianity.

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