Why Was Paul A Significant Figure In Christianity

Background Information

Paul was a major figure in the development of Christianity. He was a major contributor to the early church and was part of the team that introduced Christianity to the larger Roman world. Paul was born in the Mediterranean province of Cilicia, which is located in present-day Turkey. He was probably born in the city of Tarsus, in 8 or 9 AD, a time when the area was part of the Roman Empire. Paul’s family likely practiced Judaism, and it is likely that Paul received basic Jewish training as a child.

Influence on Early Christianity

Paul was influential in shaping the early Christian doctrine. His letters are included in the New Testament and they serve as the basis for many of the beliefs and practices of the early church. He was a vociferous defender of Christianity, writing letters to refute the arguments of his critics. He also established a network of churches throughout the Mediterranean area, from Rome to Greece and from Cyprus to Syria. He provided instruction on matters of faith, such as the doctrine of salvation by faith in Jesus, and many of the principles of Christian doctrine that are still used today.

Travels and Teachings

Paul traveled extensively throughout the Roman Empire and ministered in various cities. He wrote letters to those he taught and instructed them in matters of faith and Christian practice. He was also an ardent missionary and worked hard to spread the gospel throughout the region. His first missionary journey took him to Asia Minor, where he was met with resistance from local Jews. He was subsequently arrested and imprisoned in Jerusalem. His second missionary journey was likewise filled with obstacles and difficulties, as he endured persecution and experienced many setbacks.


Paul had a profound impact on the development of Christianity. His letters and teachings throughout the Mediterranean area had a lasting influence on the early church. His letters were collected and preserved, and his teachings served as the basis for many of the beliefs and practices of Christianity. He was an important figure in the spread of the gospel and is remembered as one of the most influential voices in the early church. His legacy continues to inspire Christians today and his legacy continues to shape Christianity around the world.

Personal Relationship With Jesus

Paul had a deep personal relationship with Jesus. He often referred to Jesus as his Lord in his letters and he embodied the teachings of Jesus in his everyday life. He was devoted to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and was dedicated to teaching, evangelizing, and defending the faith. Paul was passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus and worked hard to spread the gospel to those he ministered to. His passion for sharing the gospel is one of the hallmarks of his life.

Conversion Story

The conversion of Paul is one of the most famous stories in Christianity. He was initially known as Saul, as a zealous persecutor of the early church. On his way to Damascus, he had a life-changing encounter with the risen Jesus. He quickly converted to Christianity, changed his name to Paul, and began to preach and defend the faith. His power to spread the gospel was so influential that the apostle Peter said that he was the man “who has been appointed by God to preach the gospel in the Gentiles”.


Paul was a leader and mentor within the early church. He wrote letters to encourage and exhort the believers, teaching them to think more deeply about the gospel and live in a way that was pleasing to God. He also provided needed structure and organization to the fledgling church, working to unify the various factions and helping to create a more unified purpose and mission. His leadership helped to give the early church a sense of direction that was essential for its future growth.

Conclusion of Christian Message

Paul was instrumental in helping to bring the Christian message to the Gentiles. He believed that salvation was by faith in Jesus Christ, and his letters and teaching helped to create a bridge between the Jews, who viewed Jesus as a teacher, and the Gentiles, who were unfamiliar with his teachings. Through his travels and writings, Paul helped to shape the early Christian movement and was a major influence on the development of Christianity in the Mediterranean world.

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